When relationships aren’t working life can feel hard. Relationship Insights can help you get in touch with your authentic self, despite the struggles you are up against, and have the rewarding and successful relationships that you want and deserve.

Relationships are the hubs that make the wheel of life move along. Relationships make life meaningful and when they aren’t working things can get bumpy. Lots of things can get in the way of relationships: low self esteem or a lack of confidence, stress, out of whack life/work balance, work issues, family of origin issues, and depression or anxiety.

What we offer is unique: the style of coaches, the manner of confidantes, and the training of therapists. We are passionate about empowering clients to get better at handling the challenges of relationships. Relationships are what we spend every day helping clients get better at and we love doing it! Did you know that therapy and learning about yourself can be an interesting, and an often fun adventure? Our clients often share with us how much they love the process as well as their successes!

If you are feeling unhappy or frustrated with the relationships in your life, therapy helps. Therapy helps you get connected with yourself and deal with barriers that get in the way of the fulfilling relationships that you want in your life.

Relationships and connection are where it’s at in this thing called life (thank you & miss you Prince). Because, when you think about it, relationships are what we are meant to do. As Brené Brown very eloquently says: we are wired to connect. Where would we be without relationship and connection? We would not be our most vital selves, that’s for sure, because relationships are the key to a happy and meaningful life. And for all you skeptics, research backs the hell out of that!

We use three equally important elements in the therapy process:

PATTERNS: Insight into your relationship patterns, and is at the beginning for a reason. Not much can change if you don’t identify the patterns that aren’t working! Together we explore your family of origin (the family you were raised in) and identify relationship patterns that might be getting in your way. Maya Angelou summed it up, “When you know better, you do better!”

PROCESS: There is a lot to be said for experiencing the very real emotions that often accompany insight; it is important to grieve the past. As the Sufi poet Rumi said, “The wound will not heal unless given witness. The shadow that follows us is the way in.” Emotional wounds might hurt when getting cleaned, but often cleaning the wound is necessary in order to heal properly. Therapy is a safe place for this healing process.

PRACTICE: Now comes the fun part! This is when you get to start practicing new skills and learn to do things differently so that you can get the positive outcomes you want. We are your accountability coaches, sending you out to practice and then de-briefing when you come back. We will encourage you, as well as gently challenge you, every step of the way while you hone your new relational skills.


While shining a compassionate light on past patterns from your family, as well as current patterns in your adult relationships, we shine a light on new possibilities in your life. What you learn in therapy will empower you.

Whether it’s through individual therapy or couples therapy Relationship Insights is here to help you improve your relationships. If you are up for some deep reflection, some powerful insights, and some good, hard work, then contact us to set up a session!


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